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Munchies x Angy Aboud

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Additives Free Cold Cuts

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Main dish meat

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Main dish poultry

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Natural Sweets

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Soups & Salads

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Homemade Pasta

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A Safe & Stylish packaging 

The packaging contains 7 layers of inner and outer food layers that are safe for food contact And internal printing that make the packaging safe for hands to touch as there are no traces of the printing inks from outside


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General Announcement 

As we are all following up on the updates of Coronavirus, it’s time for every one of us to take care! We as Munchies are already following very strict measures to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees.

- All of our facilities are subject to ongoing sterilization and all our teams are abiding by strict health policies of wearing face masks and gloves following proper policies of use and frequent replacement.

- We also conduct frequent medical checks for all of our staff.

- As an additional service to further serve our customers given the current circumstances, we are expanding the delivery options beyond our menu to be delivered to your doorstep while you’re safe at home.

Ask about anything even if not in our menu we may be able to provide from Munchies farm, we provide RAW UNFILTERED HONEY from our farm that boosts immunity. Your safety and health will always remain our utmost priority.


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Munchies is a premium sub-brand from Foodway which is one of the leading meat and chicken processors in Egypt. Munchies is the FIRST in the market to offer a wide range of products with NO food preservatives, NO artificial colors, NO taste additive, GLOBALG.A.P certified  Fruits, vegetables, spreads with no added sugar to ensure a better and healthy lifestyle for all family members.

Vacuumed packages are used and certified to be safe to make sure that the products will be preserved to the longest period possible without the use of preservatives and to make sure that we are offering the healthiest products.

We Are What We Eat. As the majority of the chronic diseases are tied to the type of foods we consume, and these illnesses can be prevented, and on the other hand, our kids are tempted by the products they see in school, supermarket.. etc. That's our drive to create Munchies; providing 100%natural products as healthy alternatives. We've attempted many trials to prepare products that are healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare, and now Munchies offers  types of products:

1. COOKED: a range of cold cuts without any artificial additives, preservatives, sodium nitrite, or monosodium glutamate for the first time in the market. We only use natural herbs, and spices and that is why our products are unique in color and texture, and the freshness is radiating.

2. READY TO COOK: Marinated products with only natural herbs, and spices to prepare healthy meals in no time.

3. VEGETABLES: fresh, vacuumed and ready to use, GLOBALG.A.P certified.

And so much more!

At Munchies, we put thought and effort into our products to create a unique dining experience. Early on, we raise our cattle and poultry in a natural environment with no cages and abundant access to sunlight and fresh air. Then processed in our facilities. Eventually, we use safe vacuum packs to preserve the products

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